How to choose a dining option at The Pickled Crab

Dining option Menu, number of courses
Set menu 3Courses, Lobster nights & Seafood Boil nights
Tasting menu 5 & 7 Courses
Street food menu Our flexible casual street food option



Unfortunately, we can not cater to guests with the following dietary restrictionsĀ Vegan and Vegetarian.Ā Any dietary constraints that pose aĀ seriousĀ risk to a customerā€™s health and wellbeing are taken at the dinerā€™s own risk.

The Pickled Crab staff must be informed at the time of booking of any allergy or intolerance so we may take appropriate precautions. Whilst we take huge care in our food preparation processes, our kitchen is very small and we work with several different allergens on a regular basis.

Thank you for your understanding